things i never thought i'd be (and don't always mind that i am).

-a birdwatcher (and someone interested in how not to attract squirrels and crows)
-a person with a yard with too much grass
-a person with a husband who likes to mow the grass
-a person who highlights her hair (first timer!)
-a damned good gardener with a lot to learn (food and perennials, baby)
-a true believer in Karma
-a person who takes great pleasure in afternoons by a pool (my kind of parenting)
-a part-time employee (at 2 jobs)
-an unapologetic crafter

-someone who eats Swiss cheese (reduced fat, Alpine Lace)
-someone who doesn't cook dinner (most often) for her family
-married to someone who cooks
-a consumer of white wine
-a northwestern northeasterner (get it?)
-a chapstick addict
-a popper of others' pimples
-contentedly living in a small town just a few degrees north of a proper latitude
-a lover of Maine
-a person who wants a pale pink bathroom (with gold accents)
-someone who (almost, as in 99% of the time) never wears heels
-an infertile
-someone with only one child
-a summer person (more sun, more heat, please)
-an amateur photographer, obsessed

-a keeper of family memories
-a Hanes white undies devotee with a passion for fancier lingerie but no interest in purchasing it
-addicted to sunscreen (if it isn't 50, it isn't working)
-uh, 31?
-someone who keeps good quotes in a journal book (my diamonds)
-happily married
-a person who self-photographs shamelessly

-approaching vegetarianism (all about texture, and there are other sensory issues)
-a proud redhead
-a social worker
-a celebrity stalker
-a proud native Georgian.

The End.


  1. All the things I love about you! And we have a few of them in common!

  2. Please email me! I have a question about your blog! ☺


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