The Scene, 8dpo

Me: Do you think my boobs look bigger? Here, feel.

Him: Well, now that you mention it, yes!

Me: Really?

Him: Yes.

Me: Swear on Gabe's life?

Him: Yes.

Next morning.

Convinced I'm pregnant, I find I have a teensy bit of a bloody nose. I google that and early pregnancy symptoms.

In my head: I'm probably pregnant. I should test, you know, just in case. I do feel particularly huge today.

Also in my head: I should probably get a test. What if it was positive? Yeah right. Like that's going to happen. Oh, c'mon, Ashley, it could definitely be positive. Just think positively.

After CVS.


In my head: It's too early. There's definitely something to this feeling of large-osity. I'll wait three more days.

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